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You should not need a law degree to be a designer.

Nowadays it takes having a masters in legalese just to know which fonts you can use where.

How many times have you had to find a font, whether to make your own site or one for a client, and spent hours searching for the perfect one? You search & experiment, trying different styles, snapping screenshots (Command + Shift + 4!) from various sites & font foundries & stores, plopping them into Photoshop to mock up what it might look like. You finally get something looking fantastic, but before you send it off to your client (or ship it yourself), there's something important you've got to check – the font license.

You shouldn't have to read through all the legal documents and EULA's to get a handle on what you can & can't do. Font foundries don't always make it perfectly clear, and even when some things are laid out, if you don't have a foundation knowledge about the ins & outs of licenses, it can still get confusing pretty quick.

People ask us about this kind of stuff all the time, in emails, tweets, conversations, you name it. And that's a huge part of what compelled us to start The League in the first place – it can be painful having to learn this stuff by trial and error.

So we've assembled a quick, easy, and simple guide for you – a tasty little fifteen-minute read on the basics of what you need to know about different font licenses and how to use them. We'll go over things like:

We've included a couple extras for those who want to take it further & get even more detail. If you're curious about more specific questions regarding font licenses – both open-source & commercial – we've compiled and answered the most-pressing and most-often asked questions in The Common Question Guide to Burning Font License Questions. And if you're a professional, you no doubt have encountered the technology behind embedding fonts with @font-face – pick up the The Quick & Little Guide on How to Embed Fonts Yourself to get the rundown of what you need to know to get those fonts working on your site.

And on top of that, when you order a copy of any of these, you get a free membership to become an official Supporting Member of The League - which will give you sneak-peak access to future stuff & awesome discounts on anything else we may ship for life.

Grab your copy now, and you'll get special access, A League Supporting Member account, and an easy, super-simple fifteen-minute guide on Making Sense of Font Licensing.

100% Refund Gaurantee

In case you're concerned, we have a 100% money-back guarantee. We worked hard on making these as useful as possible, so if for any reason you're not happy, you can just email us & get your money back. You keep the books, we'll just ask you how we can make shit better in the future.