Bulletproof Typography

Great design cannot exist without great typography.

If you're here right now... you already know. It's not a secret whatsoever; in fact, everyone from Senior Art Directors to junior interns — and even not-at-all-design-savvy developers — could tell you how important great typography is.

Logos, book spreads, blog articles, iOS apps. Subway posters. Subway signage. Subway sandwich signage.

The more we make things, the more we all have no choice but to admit that typography is an absurdly important part of making something great, whether you're a pro designer or simply someone who needed a free font to use in their flyer.

Actually. An awesome/impressive design-thinkperson said once,

“95% of the information on the web is written language.
It is only logical to say that a web designer should get good training in the main discipline of shaping written information, in other words: Typography.”

– Oliver Reichenstein, Awesome/Impressive Design-Thinkperson

Great typography is a fundamental building block of all great design. But here's the thing.

How can you possibly make incredible, next-level designs if you follow the same exact typography advice as everyone else?

One of our gripes with design school — besides the many merits, such as free lunches, a garaunteed job when you graduate, and an obviously easy workload — is that, in school, we're all taught how to pick & set typography the same way.

  • “Pick any font you like, as long as it's Helvetica, Futura, Din, etc”
  • “Never put more than 3 fonts into a design. In fact, just use one”
  • “There's no such thing as the right font choice, you just have to feel it”

We jokingly talk about type crimes all the time — these are the real type crimes. Prescriptive, fear-inducing rules are a slippery slide to damaged confidence & confusion about how type works.

There are rules, don't get us wrong. But also, if we're being honest — we are kind of the rule-breakers in the type world. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷‍♀️

But let's get real for a second. Let's examine what some of these “rules” really are — under the surface, this is what we see:

Rule #1:

“There are only a few good/quality fonts out there,” is half the reason you don't feel confident picking type.

Sorry, we just don't buy it. And you shouldn't either. The reason teachers teach this junk is because so many designers don't know what makes a quality font — and when to not care.

Rule #2:

“There's a correct way to put type on the page, and the rules have existed for a century” is half the reason you don't feel confident setting type.

Woof, we don't buy that either. There's some stuff you'll want to know, yes — some basic mechanics of modern-day fonts & when to use them — but here's what we don't buy:

A lot of designers think that, in order to be “good,” you literally have to go around blindly following typesetting rules from a someone who, once upon a time, told you The One True Way™ to set type — for books, before InDesign or HTML really existed.

Teachers spend a lot of time teaching these strict typesetting rules & regulations — but there's barely any time spent on how to choose a font in the first place, and almost nothing teaching you why those typesetting rules exist.

Woof, this is the biggest, toughest thing to tackle — because it goes against the way so many teach typography.

But there is so much more to it, so much behind the thinking & methodology of how to really tell a story with your typography besides blindly following strict rules written decades ago.

There can be a method to the madness.

A considered craft to the chaos.

A guide to gain gumption beyond your gut! To go and garner the great & glorious growth of grander glyphic glory!

The point? You can do better, when it comes to typography.
And we want to show you how.


Bulletproof Typography

A Four-Week Bootcamp To Build Your Confidence With Type

  • 🤓 Thoughtfully designed curriculum, teaching you how to build your skills & confidence while working with typography
  • 📚 Four (4) education-packed weeks of delivered-to-your-inbox lessons, to transform your mindset picking & designing for display & long-form type
  • 🔥 Get your most burning questions each week answered directly by your two loving & experienced instructors
  • 💪 Weekly student challenges to give you an excuse to practice — with student designs-in-progress featured each week to show off those who put in that work

This will be an online bootcamp, with not just lessons in picking, pairing, and setting typography, but weekly challenges to hone your skills, a community to meet & share with fellow classmates, and a forum to ask feedback & questions from your experienced instructors/professional designers.

What will we learn in Bulletproof Typography?

This will be a solid, practical refresher for those of you with some type knowledge already, and an awesome intro for those with not much at all. And in both cases, we've got some new, un-seen before perspective to bring to the table. Let's talk details:

Week 1:

In Week One, we'll be focusing on Display Type — what it is, what makes a display font “quality”, where to find them.

We'll be talking terminology (to try to clear up some of the confusing terms that get thrown around with fonts & font features), we'll be giving you resources to bookmark for later, and even teaching you some basics of licensing.

Week 2:

In Week Two, we'll ultimately show you what to do with them — techniques for how to approach setting Display Type the best way we possibly can.

There's a lot of nuance here, and we're gonna be learning to combine personality with context to guide the story of our type.

Week 3:

Then, in Week Three, we'll be diving into Text Type — fonts for longform body text, when to focus on it, how to pick it and pair it using what we learned with Display Type.

Week 4:

Lastly, in Week Four, it's time to tackle setting our Text Type. Families, the different flavors of numerals, and how to approach the topic of readability without ruining your creativity.

When does this start? What's the time commitment?

We're officially starting on April 29th, though you'll get an email saying hi and giving you details once you sign up.

It's safe to expect video lessons to be about an hour long, delivered right to your inbox each week. They're recorded videos, so you get to watch whenever it fits in your schedule/timezone.

You'll probably want to save an extra 1-2 hours each week for yourself, dedicated to practice time + catching up & sharing work with fellow classmates.

Do I have to show up for a livestream every week?

Nope, no livestream necessary — because we've got peeps in all corners of the world, we're doing what we call a semi-live approach — we record lessons each week, but deliver it in your inbox instead of making you meet us online for a livestream.

That is to say, we'll be recording lessons & feedback for you weekly, so by interacting in the forums & asking questions, you can directly affect what we're learning and how, while still being able to fit the lessons into your schedule.

Who's this for, exactly?

We designed this initially for those brave souls who recently graduated design school, and found out there's still a lot to learn.

And started by thinking — how would we make the typography program we wish we'd had in college?

But you don't have to have a degree, and you don't have to have gone to design school to see this was made for you, too.

Ultimately this is aimed squarely at the folks who are excited about type, and want to be better designers — but are realizing that there's a lot more to using type well.

We want to help you transform into the designer you know you can be, and we know it's possible.

Does this cover how to use the software?

We're not going to be teaching you how to use InDesign / Photoshop / Sketch / Whatever — not that we wouldn't love to, but teaching that's for another time.

Which means, if you're not awesome with the tools you're using, it's okay, but you'll have to put in a little more elbow grease.

Instead, we're going to be focusing on clarifying typography concepts & terms, and showing you the reasons why behind the rules we're supposed to know.

And we're focusing on your confidence.

Who the heck is teaching this?

This bootcamp is designed, developed, & taught by two professional designers, who also are both in love with type themselves, and are pretty much as nerdy as the rest of us:

Olivia Kane

  • Instructor, The League of Moveable Type
  • Designer, David Stark Design


Micah Rich

  • Founder, The League of Moveable Type
  • Designer, A Good Company


With our experiences combined, we've not only hosted The Weekly Typographic podcast & written weekly on type collectively for over a decade, written & taught various other educational programs, and most importantly — we've both been where you are, and felt the things you've felt.

Why are you teaching this?

We want to help people, the best way we can. We see people writing into our inbox all the time — nervous about type choices, unsure how to pair fonts, and unconfident in their type skills.

We know there's something we can do about it.

We want to take you from knowing what typography is, to knowing, confidently, how to use it, and why — we want to teach you how to make it bulletproof.

If this speaks to what you're going through — what you want for yourself & your design skills — then hopefully, we'll see you inside.

Bulletproof Typography

A Four-Week Bootcamp To Build Your Confidence With Type —

Starting Apr. 29th • 4 Week Bootcamp via Email + Forum

  • Internalize the skills of how to confidently pick & pair fonts, spend less time doing it, and understand what makes for a quality font
  • Finally learn typographic terminology — things like stylistic vs. contextual alternates, ligatures, numerals, and a whole lot more
  • Transform your process of setting both display & longform text, with a methodology that pulls in both personality & context
  • Practice your skills with weekly challenges to keep you on your toes, and get featured by bravely pushing yourself to share with your fellow nerds
  • Share, learn, and connect with classmates in a private forum dedicated just to Bulletproof Type learners — a safe place to share your work-in-progress

Oh no, registration is closed!

If you're really interested in the next time we open up, throw your name & email in below and we'll be in touch.

By the way. We care a lot about making sure we only put out the best quality stuff possible. Give it a real shot, watch the stuff we send over, try it & do your best — if you're still not happy by the last day of the course, just let us know you want your money back — and get a 100% full refund.

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