Bonus Episode

We could not be more excited to share this fun and exclusive type-design-y nugget with you. This week, instead of our normal Weekly Typographic, we've got an interview with the one and only James Edmondson from OH no Type Co.

If you don't know James, he's an Oakland, California based type designer and runs OH no Type Co, an independent foundry. He's also passionate about type education and has taught at various institutions such as Type at Cooper West, Type West, and CCA. He recently started the OH no Radio podcast, which we're a fan of here at The League.

In this interview, we chatted all about the commercial decisions that happen behind the scenes at a foundry, get honest about money, and talk about the things we tell ourselves as designers and typographers. James shares some of the things he's working on and there's a generous sprinkle of advice sprinkled in here & there that you might find helpful.

PSST. there's a couple of cheeky swear words in this episode - just in case you need to cover any sensitive ears.

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