Bonus Episode

Wow, what a weekend of learning with Dan Cederholm last week. Dan was so generous with his font design knowledge and we loved the snippets of wisdom he shared. We also loved seeing everyone's work produced across the two workshops and the blossoming enthusiasm for type design 💚

We go from one design legend to another; this week on the podcast we have a very special interview. We’re talking to Nadine Chahine, CEO of I Love Typography.

We cannot do Nadine’s knowledge, passion, and contribution to the type and design world justice in this blurb alone so strongly encourage you to listen to the episode. Nadine talks about the evolution of type design and the role of organizations like I Love Typography in the ecosystem, her own journey and challenges as a designer, and how we need to categorize fonts more like we categorize cats and dogs. You’ll have to listen to find out more on that one!

(PS. This episode contains one example of some stronger language towards the end, in case that's not your jam)

And in this week’s newsletter articles we’ve got a very nerdy discussion on line length, some type inspiration that we’re obsessed with, a fantastic write up on a huge bespoke typeface project, and a look behind the scenes at the redesign of The Guardian’s Saturday magazine.

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