Bonus Episode

It’s interview time this week as we fully nerd out with Sarah Hyndman. Sarah is the founder of Type Tasting and use typography to create unique experiences that transform what people think, feel and do. We loved our conversation about type trends, semiotics, the emotions of type, and why sometimes a game of ’snog, marry, avoid’ is all it takes to help non-designers understand the emotion of type.

We hope you enjoy the conversation (we could have talked for hours). If it left you wanting more, check out Sarah’s latest Adobe Max talk (there’s a link in the articles to make it easy for you).

Whilst we’re not talking about articles this week, we are still looking at and thinking about type and design news to share with you. This week we’ve got an AMAZING piece of work by our friend Tré Seals, some ideas on the relationship between design and writing, a look at the way Adobe is so intertwined with design work, and a thought provoker on perfectionism.

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