Bonus Episode

What a weekend! We’ve been dropping into your podcast player all weekend because we’re at TypeWknd 2021! Today's episode is our best bits from the final day of the conference.

If you haven’t heard of TypeWknd, it’s an online-only type conference for everyone who sees, draws, makes, studies, and sells type. They want to remove the barriers that so many people face when progressing their type and design careers, and so the whole event is COMPLETELY FREE! 👀 So no matter your location, budget, or even your confidence level, you are welcome.

This year we’ve teamed up with the good people at TypeWknd for a special collab and each day we’re bringing YOU a round up of our favorite talks from the day. These mini-episodes will drop each day over the weekend (Thursday 30 September - Sunday 3 October) so make sure you keep an eye on your podcast app to catch them all. And if you haven’t already registered, head to to check out all the amazing speakers over the weekend.

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