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How to Transform Your Design Process Beyond Design-by-Feeling
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Micah Rich

Designer, Developer, Founder of The League

Join us for this exclusive free 1hr mini-workshop, going over 3 of the biggest misconceptions that hold us back as designers working with type —

  • 🎨 How having a set of go-to default fonts can leave you stuck creatively
  • ⏰ How cycling through fonts one-by-one eats up hours & hours of valuable time
  • 💭 How designing on intuition can ruin your effectiveness as a designer

And, more importantly, 3 ways to flip your mindset on them and transform your design process so you can improve your skills as a designer.

This is totally free, but spots are limited — so if you're intrigued/interested, throw your name & email in the box to get in when we go live!

We'll be going live in 00 seconds — jumping in on Mon Jul 29th @ 3:00 p.m. GMT+00:00 sharp.

Oh no, registration is closed!

If you're really interested in the next time we open up, throw your name & email in below and we'll be in touch.