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A very handy shareable Figma community file kicks off this week's articles and we check out the really cool artistry and design for the ‘Rise. Show Up. Unite!’ campaign.

Also, check out the latest fonts to be retired from the Adobe Creative Cloud and the almost comical T&C’s for the new Goldman Sachs typeface. Hint...you can use it, but not if you are going to criticize them in any way!

If you haven't been keeping up with all of the latest type news, TypeWknd is coming up, and is a massive, global and diverse online conference about all things typography.

This week, we've got an awesome interview with their co-founder Daniel Nisbet. You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at how this huge undertaking got started, what he's struggled with in his own experience in type and design, and strategies he's used to help him succeed.

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Extremely excited to share this week's podcast episode with you — Olivia & Micah talk about all the cool links we shared this week, plus a little something extra. Tune in!

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We received a great email this week from visual/UI designer Maxime Rabot — he has put together a free shareable Figma community file for all the League fonts, so you can duplicate it and add our fonts into your project on Figma quickly. Very thoughtful, very handy. Thanks Maxime!


Check out this group of more than twenty American artists that have united to help Joe Biden and Kamala Harris defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Their goal: to get people not only voting for Biden/Harris but to talk about voting for them out loud. This is a cool grass roots effort to affect change through art and design.


This is a straight up complaint about the confusion around the desktop vs. web font licensing arrangements! Designers are calling for the licence pricing strategy to be simplified, especially considering that many type designers themselves don’t know which formats of their typefaces are used for!


Heads up! From June 2020 about 50 families/700 fonts from the foundries Font Bureau and Carter & Cone were retired from Adobe’s Creative Cloud. For InDesign users, this is potentially a very big (and bad) deal if you use those fonts in your projects because you will need to either acquire new licenses for them or change the fonts used.


Goldman Sachs has released its very own typeface, a set of sans-serif fonts dubbed Goldman Sans . And in the spirit of bankers everywhere, the licence for use of the typeface comes with T&C’s which say you are welcome to use the font, so long as you don't use it to criticize Goldman Sachs!


Fonts offer designers an incredible opportunity for creativity in a wide variety of media. But, with great potential comes great risk. Extensis conducted a font survey to help businesses understand how fonts are used, and expose the hidden risks of font copyright infringement. Some of the results are really quite surprising.


Few designers, if any, set out to commit copyright infringement. But, brands can often end up with a scattered library of creative assets that is difficult to track and easy to mix up. A suggestion for all designers, new and experienced: simplify your font strategy to be agile and adaptable and to deploy new designs quickly.

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