League Spartan

by Caroline HadilaksonoMicah RichTyler Finck

A new classic, this is a bold, modern, geometric sans-serif that has no problem kicking its enemies in the chest.

Taking a strong influence from ATF's classic Spartan family, we're starting our own family out with a single strong weight. We've put a few unique touches into a beautiful, historical typeface, and made sure to include an extensive characterset – currently totaling over 300 glyphs.

Over time, the open-source license will allow us expand League Spartan into a full family, with multiple weights and styles, and we're starting by releasing our first Bold style for this exciting, modern classic now.

In addition, the incredible Philip von Borries has crafted a beautiful and detailed animated version of League Spartan to accompany the release – partnering with Animography.net to expand on it and sell it.

It's simple and beautiful, and makes some extremely complex, very compelling typographic animations quickly.

Our share of the profits are going back into supporting The League and making more great stuff, so if you love it, grab a license today.

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