The League of Moveable Type

There's a gap between loving & really understanding typography.

In our inbox as of late, we’ve gotten to connect with a lot of designers through twitter or email, and realized there’s a lot of questions floating around about type design and using fonts.

How can I learn?

Well, we’ve got for you a new newsletter, not just to share updates, but to share empowerment, and give you the tools and techniques you need to really start kicking ass at using – and making – fonts. We’ll keep you updated about The League, too, of course, but our ambitions are far greater.

In the coming weeks, we’ll begin to:

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On top of that, each Thursday morning, you'll wake up to The Weekly Typographic — a set of this week's most amazing articles surrounding the world of typography, keeping you up-to-date on the wonderful world of type.

Each week will be something new and fascinatingly nerdy; great interviews with design experts & type designers, tutorials on how to level up your skills as a designer, even sometimes a few of the fantastic fonts we've found around the web.

But don't just take our word for it.

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In addition to our Weekly Typographic each Thursday, if you tell us what you're interested in, we'll send over a few free mini-courses we've made for you — both in learning about using typography and in making it.

If you’re an expert, it’ll be a good refresher, and if you’re totally new to the idea, then we'll teach you the fundamentals – even if you've never played with design or fontmaking before.

Of course, you're welcome to pick & choose whatever topics you're interested in! We'll do our best to make sure you only get stuff you want.

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