Daniel Nisbet, with Micah Rich & Olivia Kane

Intro to Drawing Letterforms

If you've ever felt like you were awful at drawing letters (or at least could be a little better) — Daniel the Amazing Nisbet is back to help. It's a continuation on the type design theme from last month's Glyphs Mini workshop, but is totally standalone, and you're gonna learn a lot.

We're gonna be going over a few different methods for how to improve your hand drawing type skills, which could be a great precursor to making your first font or busting into the world of lettering. We'll show you using a variety of basic tools (that you most likely already have access to) and methods that the pros use every day.

And it's a two-day event! We'll start with 1.5 hours on day one to learn, and 1.5 hours on day two to watch some critiques & understand the techniques deeper.

April 10th + April 11th
12pm - 1:30pm EST
$69 for non-members
(only $59 for League Members)
Live via Zoom +
Recording available forever
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