How can I contribute?

The League is the very first open-source font foundry, which means a lot of the costs and work involved are volunteer. We stay afloat thanks to contributions from our founders & partners, members, sponsors, and people just like you who want to help.

We've also got a pretty big audience of amazing fellow type nerds — who care not just about fonts & typograhy, but about learning design, about freelancing, about all manner of interesting & creative work.


If you're a solo human who loves what we do & wants to support us — we'd love to have you as a member. It's a small amount monthly, you get awesome perks that are improving all the time, and you can cancel/pause if you ever need to.

Contributing a small amount every month helps us the most, because costs recur every month, and having people to make great stuff for on a monthly basis keeps us motivated and excited to share.

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Individual Sponsorship

We definitely accept one-time individual donations to help keep the servers running & the fonts sparkling & fresh. We use donations to pay for email costs, hosting costs, and sometimes to support work on our open-source or free educational materials.

If you're a company using our fonts for your business, and want to give back — this is a fantastic way to help keep the open-source community thriving. We're happy to send custom invoices/receipts for your records, if you need them!

  • Secure & safe encrypted payment system
  • Support open-source & the community

Corporate/Partner Sponsorship

There's also a bunch of interesting ways to partner with companies who could offer something incredible & useful to our peeps — as long as you can offer something that our audience is going to love, we'd love to work together.

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If that's you, we're always open to creative ideas for how to help our people out — anything from sponsoring a product in our Weekly Typographic emails + podcast, to educational emails & blog posts, to featuring your logo as a long-running sponsor and promoting your stuff on social media.

If you're interested, just send us a fun, friendly email over at