Episode #79

New workshop! We’re delighted that the ever-so-skilled lettering artist Alanna Flowers is joining us for our next workshop (20-21 Nov). Wittily titled Bettering Your Lettering, you'll learn type & lettering basics that will give your work a strong foundation. It's totally beginner friendly and you'll be able to create a complete lettering piece over the two days. Perfect timing for your holiday cards!

This week we’re going behind the scenes on a cheesy, gooey piece of brand and packaging work that Olivia has been working on at JKR, getting into a fresh approach to font licensing (that we are definitely here for), and taking a cheeky look at some of the unhelpful turns of phrase that are pervasive in the design world. It’s a fun one.

After Olivia’s grilling on lettering vs type design in last week’s nerd alert, it’s time for Micah to go into the hot seat and explain the mysteries of mastering; or finally finishing that pesky font...

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