Bonus Episode

On this week’s podcast we're chatting to the founders of Spline, a hot new tool that allows you to create and publish 3D web experiences. We’ve had lots of fun playing with it over the last few weeks so we’re excited to talk to Faride Mereb & Alejandro Léon about the tool’s creation, what’s next for 3D type, and why all designers should be thinking in 3D. There's also a special announcement at the end of the interview - so make sure you listen!

But we also have our regular helping of articles, links, inspiration and ideas - just for you. From big news in the type foundry world this week, to the work happening to preserve Cyrillic typefaces in Serbia, an interview with a type designer and a stunning recent print/typography heavy rebrand out of London. Lots to love, so keep scrolling to read more.

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