Bonus Episode

Look, we couldn’t cover this week’s type and design news without mentioning the big one… the meta-verse. What does it mean for designers? How will the future of a virtual universe change And what about that new logo??

Away from that and back into the real world(!), we’re talking about a great behind the scenes interview with the Sharp Type co-founders, the news about PostScript Type 1 support being dropped by Adobe, and a super cool piece of design / visual communication by the clever folks at The Pudding.

We’re having more of a conversation in this week’s nerd alert, where Micah and Steph grill Olivia on her experiences practicing both type design and lettering, the lessons she takes from one to the other, and how those skills help her more generally as a designer. We had fun, we hope you enjoy the conversation too. If you have more questions on the topic that we didn’t cover, drop us a note on Twitter or Instagram @theleagueof.

PS. If you want to hear our previous conversation about why you would using custom lettering versus typography in your designs, scroll back to episode #33 from August 2020.

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