Bonus Episode

This week we’re wrapping up for the year by looking back at our favorite free fonts that we’ve found this year. We’ve dived back into the shares from the last 12 months and have enjoyed revisiting some of the ones we still can’t get enough of. We’ve got everything from workhorses to fancier scripts, and something pretty creative too.

So scroll down and listen in to find out what freebies we loved this year. We hope they fit nicely into your own catalogue (or gazillion open tabs, if you’re like us) of great type for future projects.

This is our last podcast episode for 2021 as we enjoy a break over the holidays. But don’t worry! The newsletter will still drop into your inbox every Friday to keep you up to date on the latest in type and design news.

It’s been a wild year, we’ve hosted seven workshops alongside our amazing guest teachers, shared five interviews with other type and design creatives, collaborated with the team at TypeWknd for their daily wraps, released a new open-source font with Tré Seals, and (as Spotify told us) put out over 1,500 minutes of podcast content 😱.

BUT, we couldn’t have done any of this without YOU. Your support of the newsletter, podcast, membership, workshops, tweets, instagram posts, and everything else is why we’re here.

You are awesome.

However you’re spending the end of this wacky year, make it a fun and safe one, and we’ll see you in 2022.

Micah, Olivia, and Steph x

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