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ICYMI we’ve got a super interesting new workshop happening right at the end of this month, all about the biz-niss side of custom type design. And we’ve asked our esteemed friend Thomas Jockin to join us to share his lessons, structures, and processes for successful custom type design pitches.

Thomas is joining us on this week’s nerd alert to share a few of his insights (without any workshop spoilers) and give you a little flavor of what to expect in a couple of weeks. Make sure you register to join us!

In this week’s articles we’ve got some exciting news from a project we talked about last year, which is working to update the Unicode to include indigenous Canadian language support. We’re also discussing whether a font can be racist, about whether it’s worth changing the typefaces on your website, and sharing a little bit of eye-candy design inspo from some nice restaurant identity designs.

If you spot anything cool on the web that you’d like us to chat about, hit us up on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll find us @theleagueof on both platforms.

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