Bonus Episode

Whoop! We had a great workshop with Thomas Jockin earlier this week talking everything about the pitch. We not only talked about pitching custom type to your clients or your boss, but got into pricing, positioning, and turning existing clients / relationships into ongoing clients. Good stuff.

We’ve got plenty of fun stuff in this week’s podcast episode (and not just Micah and Olivia’s attempts at British and Australian accents). We’re going around the world in five typefaces as we look at type design examples where designers have had to design a typeface that becomes part of the visual identity for a city, or even a whole country! So many great examples, and we love it when studios/designers do detailed write ups of their process.

As usual, if you spot anything cool on the web that you’d like us to chat about, hit us up on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll find us @theleagueof on both platforms.

One of the weekly member perks is a little selection of handpicked fonts we find for you. This week we’re sharing fonts from Ukrainian foundries Mint Type, Valentyn Tkachenko, and Kyiv Type Foundry. We’ve picked some specific fonts for members, but thought you might want to go check out these foundries too, and support creators in the Ukraine.

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