Bonus Episode

We’re hopping all over pop culture, tech, and some nerdy education this week. We’re looking at a very cool new free tool to create your own experimental typography, some intricate design changes of Google’s Canary icon, the typographic beauty and attention in Wes Anderson’s latest film, and a very informative video lecture about type pairing and categorization. Plus, if you listen to the podcast you’ll find our how going on dates can help improve your description of typographic terms for non-type nerds. We know you come here for the typography content, but you stay for the life advice.

For this week’s Nerd Alert we’re joined by Oliver Schöndorfer from Pimp My Type who’s sharing the three pitfalls on pairing fonts that he sees people trip up on all the time (we were nodding furiously at all of them). This is a little teaser in advance of our next workshop, happening over the first weekend of April, where Oliver will share even more juicy details on taking the pain away from pairing. You’ll also have a chance to practice some pairing and get feedback from Oliver if you join us live. Make sure you grab your spot.

As usual, if you spot anything cool on the internets that you’d like us to chat about, hit us up on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll find us @theleagueof on both platforms.

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