Bonus Episode

One of the things we really love about doing this podcast is the opportunity to chat to type designers, and especially newer designers who are doing their own thing with type design. This week we’re delighted to chat with Chris Skillern, from Tulsey Type.

You might recognise Chris’ name from the TypeWknd21 round up episodes last year, as we really enjoyed his talk about the Cherokee syllabary. We catch up with Chris to find out about his experience completing the online Type West course, his tips for creativity and type design, and what he’s working on now.

We’ve also got some links for you to enjoy too; an interesting font and browser extension project focused on low vision legibility, a logo that redraws itself, a cool resource for designers impacted by the pandemic, and a cool tiny design project.

As usual, if you spot anything cool on the internets that you’d like us to chat about, hit us up on Twitter or Instagram. You’ll find us @theleagueof on both platforms.

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