Bonus Episode

We did it!! We made it to episode 100! We’re taking a little trip down memory lane this week and sharing some of the origin stories that you might not know about your favorite(!) type and design news podcast. And you have to listen to hear a clip from the first ever Weekly Typographic episode that Micah and Olivia recorded IN A CAFE. We cannot. Not gonna lie, this is a very wholesome episode.

Along with looking into the past, we are also sharing news and links from the present. We’ve got yet another outstanding microsite from Grilli Type, a funky design/type project that tackles emotions, some actual science exploring ageist fonts, and a tasteful way-finding project. There’s something for everyone.

As usual, if you’re seen something cool on the internets that you think we should know about you can let us know on Twitter or Instagram. You’ll find us @theleagueof on both platforms.

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