Bonus Episode

It’s the end of season 2! There’s exactly zero rhyme or reason to when we call time on a season (see the fact season 1 was about three months, and season 2 has been over two years), but we’re taking a break for a few weeks over the summer and will be back with a refresh/glowup*. But, wipe those tears away our friends, we’ll still be dropping into your inbox each week with your usual fix of type and design news and reviews.

We’re seeing out season 2 with a throwback of our old episodes where we just talk about the links. To be honest, we probably could have just talked about the first link for an hour; the new Instagram branding. Strap yourself in for some thoughts on this. In less controversial topics, we’re also talking about some handy font analysis tools, the ‘trend’ of anti-design, looking at some lovely type Inso from a 36 days of type project, and enjoying a new (to us) nerdy resource about the history behind logos.

As usual, if you’ve seen something cool on the internets that you think we should know about, you can let us know on Twitter or Instagram. You’ll find us @theleagueof on both platforms.

or winter, for our Southern Hemisphere pals *are the kids still talking about glow ups? Asking for a friend…

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