Bonus Episode

Hands up if you enjoyed our conversation with DJR last week. It’s proving a popular episode - thanks for listening, we hope you enjoyed it.

This week we’ve got some fresh new links to talk about, and a nerd alert that segues from last week’s interview. We’ve got some rather beautiful examples of 3D lettering created by a text to image AI generator, a riff on color fonts, UI chats, and a cool bespoke typeface out of Brazil.

Our big nerdy chat this week is all about Adobe Fonts. The good, bad, and ugly of the evolution from Typekit to Adobe Fonts and how some of the mechanics work behind the scenes if you’re a designer putting fonts into the catalogue.

As usual, if you’ve seen something that you think we should talk about, let us know! Hit us up on Twitter or Instagram. You can find us @theleagueof on both platforms.

PS. No podcast next week as we’re taking some time off for the holiday weekend here in the US, but we’ll still drop into your inbox to give you something to read between servings of pie. 

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