Bonus Episode

It’s so good to be back in recording mode, and this week we took it to the next level by recording IN THE SAME PLACE! Olivia took a lil road trip to see Micah and they recorded together. Cute.

This week we’re talking about DALL-E; what it is, why it’s useful, why it’s not, the things people are worried about, and why we’re not worried about (all) of the worries. This week’s podcast cover image was generated by DALL-E… you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out what the prompt was though.

We’re also talking (/ranting) about genderless design and also an interesting open-source decision from Microsoft.

Don’t forget to grab a ticket to this weekend’s workshop (it starts tomorrow!) all about bettering your vectoring skills - super useful beyond just type design. As usual, if you can’t make it live you’ll receive the recording… but only if you sign up!

You know the deal; if you’ve seen something cool on the internets that you think we should know about, you can let us know on Twitter or Instagram. You can find us @theleagueof on both platforms.

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