Bonus Episode

Ok, strap yourselves in, we’re talking metal this week. Late last year Olivia noticed the curious ‘trend’ of metal-esq lettering being used in all sorts of places. This inspired her to go DEEP into type detective mode and got into the stylistic musical and aesthetic differences in the sub-genres of metal, the logo legend behind so many metal logos, and why we’re seeing this crop up in some pretty unlikely places right now. It’s a dark, loud, and fun ride in nerd alert this week as we explore all of this, and more.

Meanwhile, in the type and design news and articles we’re talking about a brilliant project championing the many unsung women throughout the history of typography, fixing all your murky CSS gradient woes, checking out a very funky type-heavy brand identity, and being inspired by a cool project by a friend of the League.

What have we missed? If you spot anything cool on the web that you’d like us to chat about, hit us up on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll find us @theleagueof on both platforms.

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