Bonus Episode

After last week’s fun interview with James Edmondson (make sure you go back and check it out if you missed it) we’re super excited to be back with heaps of type and design goodies for you. But, first up - we've got a new workshop to announce 🎉! School's back for Fall and we're kicking off with a new topic and a new instructor; Spacing and Rhythm taught by the fantastic Kaleb Dean, covering the important topic of spacing. Useful for designers and typographers alike!

This week we’re enjoying a deep dive into the process of creating a custom typeface, peeking through our fingers to see how many overused logo shapes/designs we’re guilty of using, and testing our knowledge of Marvel characters (you’re going to have to keep reading for that to make a lick of sense).

Over in Nerd Alert, we’re following up from our recent episode about design tokens with a different take on design systems; atomic design. Coined by Brad Frost, it’s a way of thinking about the hierarchy and elements of design. Nerdy AND useful?! You’ll love it.

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