Bonus Episode

Don’t forget! This weekend we’re joined by Dan Cederholm, one of the OG founders of Dribbble, who will be sharing his empowering, positive, and practical insights into making your first font. Even though he’s a super experienced designer, he only made his first font in 2020, when a pesky pandemic gave him the gift of time and local inspiration.

This week’s articles and podcast conversation have a bit of a theme; in preparation for a special interview episode next week 👀 we are talking font classification.

We’ll be discussing why we categorize them the way we do, why traditional classifications don’t necessarily work in these modern times, and how font classification and design application of typefaces, doesn’t really match up.

We loved nerding out on this topic and would love to know your thoughts on it too! Follow us on Instagram or Twitter (@theleagueof on both platforms) to let us know how you classify fonts - even if it’s just how you do it in your own mind!

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