Bonus Episode

We’re fresh off of a great workshop last weekend with our friends at Spline. Big thanks to the many, many people who showed up to learn more about 3D type; we can’t wait to see what you create (make sure you tag us on Instagram and Twitter with what you learnt).

🎉 Which brings us to exciting news about our NEXT workshop! We're so delighted to announce that we'll be joined by Dan Cederholm, one of the OG founders of Dribbble, who will be sharing his wealth of knowledge on making your first font.

On the podcast this week we’re challenging the way we use gendered terms to describe typography, checking out why fashion brands now have such boring and same-same logos, and taking a look at Coca-Cola’s clever and timely logo update.

We’re going to be honest; Olivia has been getting very excited about this nerd alert for a few weeks. Because she’s talking about Victorian typography. We’ll be talking about everything from fancy flourishes, intricate details, the changing tastes and technology during the 1800s, and why it remains so popular today.

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