Bonus Episode

We’re super excited about this weekend’s workshop, Bettering Your Lettering with Alanna Flowers. We’ll be nerding out on getting started in lettering, and how to use these skills in your own lettering, type design, or even graphic design practice. It's totally beginner friendly and you'll be able to create a complete lettering piece over the two days. We love having something to show from a learning experience.

This week we’re getting into some deep type design news, there’s an interview about launching a foundry, a quirky article about digital fonts, and a cool typeface project including everyone’s favorite toy; LEGO.

Over in nerd alert we’re talking about luxury (dahhhhhling). It’s a fun extension of the conversation we touched on a few weeks ago when discussing the branding (or blanding) of so many luxury fashion houses. So we thought it deserved a whole nerd alert of its own. We’re talking why certain products or brands have developed the luxury tag, how that drives consumer behavior, and what that can mean for brand designers.

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