Bonus Episode

We’re back chattin’ type and design this week, and there’s a lot to cover! There’s another rebrand to add to the ever-growing fast-food rebrand list of 2021, Jony Ive has created something unexpected, WeTransfer have done a fascinating research piece on the state of creativity in 2021, and Monotype have gobbled up some more fonts 👀.

In nerd alert we’ve got a special guest joining us. Jasmine Holmes is joining us all the way from Australia to talk pricing. Specifically the pricing pitfalls that so many designers and creatives fall into when valuing (or under-valuing their work). It’s a topic we’re super interested in (so much so that we’ve got a workshop coming up on it in January!). We know is a big pain point for so many other people too, so we hope you enjoy this valuable (get it?) conversation.

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