Bonus Episode

Do not adjust your sets! We are coming to you this week with a very special (early) episode with our first crossover episode. And we couldn't be happier with this crossover as we're talking to the delightful and equally-as-nerdy-about-typography, Kyle and Josh from the Interrogang Podcast.

cue applause

We mashed up our respective podcast formats - Kyle and Josh brought two great links about new type releases, and we offered up two articles on how type is being used in the world in two rebrands. We loved the different perspectives and metaphors that Kyle and Josh bring to the conversation.

After the links, we dive into a nerd alert talking about the ways that type designers can get their type out there, in particular new ways of producing and marketing type and whether you really have to start a foundry if you’re making type on the regular.

We had a blast, we hope you enjoy this conversation too. And if you did, you can let us know! Find us on Twitter or Instagram @theleagueof on both platforms, and catch Kyle and Josh on Twitter @proof_and_co.

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