Bonus Episode

We’re back on our regular schedule after last week’s fun detour to collaborate with the Interrobang podcast (if you haven’t listened to that one, it’s a fun one, so make sure you scroll back a week in your podcast player to give it a listen).

This week we tried to get into spooky season mode, but the closest we got was tattoos, which took us down a pretty interesting route looking at the skill overlap between tattoo artists, letterers, and type designers and the different challenges when you’re working on a ‘skin canvas’ versus a digital or (non-living) physical canvas.

We’re also talking about the role of designers in designing for good when it comes to technology use and mental health, looking at a clever Twitter thread, and enjoying a new custom typeface for Braun.

You know what to do - if you’ve seen something cool on the internets that you think we should be talking about, hit us up on Twitter or Instagram. You can find us @theleagueof on both platforms.

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