Bonus Episode

We’ve been talking and thinking a lot lately about the different routes for designers who design type, but aren’t necessarily wanting to be full-time type designers. Do you need to start a foundry? How do you get your type out there? Do you have to distribute via one of the big platforms like Google or Adobe? (Spoiler alert: the answer to all of these questions is no). We’re talking about this more this week in a nerd alert all about novel ways of distributing fonts.

There’s also a few articles to enjoy. Two historical institutions had type-heavy rebrands, Libbie Bischoff has a new typeface in progress, and we looked at an article that celebrates our favorite two letters; OK.

You know what to do - if you’ve seen something cool on the internets that you think we should be talking about, hit us up on Twitter or Instagram. You can find us @theleagueof on both platforms.

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