Bonus Episode

What a few weeks! After interviews, conferences and collaborations, we’re back and chatting about some type and design news. Including the big story about Monotype purchasing Hoefler&Co and taking over the H&Co collection as part of this. We’re also obsessed with the Gucci type project as they celebrate their centennial with ten stunning typefaces (that you can download to play with!). And then we’re revelling in this verrrry geeky article about Finnish type design - with a focus on the development of a font for Nokia.

Also, last call for this weekend’s FREE workshop with our friends at Spline. If you were inspired by our interview with Alejandro and Feride two weeks ago and want to see the tool in action, make sure you join us. Go register right now. Go on, we’ll wait.

In this week’s nerd alert we’re taking inspiration from last weekend’s Typewknd talks and looking into syllabics. What they are, why they matter. We learnt a lot about syllabics as part of indigenous languages during Typewknd, so this is a super relevant conversation around the digitization of languages and creating communication options for many communities.

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